Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Design for How People Learn by Julie Dirksen @usablelearning

If it’s possible to be in love with a book, then I am in love with this one.
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Julie Dirksen has written a most excellent book for the beginning practitioner as well as the seasoned veteran of instructional design: Design for How People Learn.
She explains theory in easy-to-understand terms, provides lots of examples and real world situations to help you see how you can apply the principles she's talking about to your elearning programs.
I'm buying this for my design team and will recommend this to clients as an essential book for their learning design libraries.
Best part is she writes in a real, human voice – very accessible.  Like you’re sitting down with her having coffee and talking about her passion.  And you actually understand what she’s talking about.
(On a side note and what really blows my mind: I hung out with Julie a bit at a conference in May in Orlando and she was talking about this book she was about to start writing…Clearly, Julie wrote her heart out this summer.  I’m sure there was great effort involved, but it does seem as if this knowledge just flowed from her brain right into a published book.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Cammy!! *So* pleased you liked it.

For the record, I did have about a 1/3 done in May, but still wrote the remainder over the summer (which required a LOT of caffeine).

Btw - if people are interested in a sample chapter, they can see one (Design for Motivation!) here:

Kelly Meeker said...

Cool! I've been looking forward to checking this out - will do a review on the blog.

Deborah Thomas said...

reading and enjoying it now!!

Anonymous said...

Haven't read a book on the topic of Instructional Design for years. In other words, time to break this negative trend. I'll give this book a shot.

Brian said...

I am starting to teach from this book in a Web Design program at a career college. Have any powerpoint presentations or other instructor materials been created?