Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Brent Schlenker kicking off #devlearn

The word of the day is CHANGE.

We hear about HTML5 and Mobile and….and…and…

Brent asks Siri on his new iPhone “Siri, click Next.”  Hilarity ensues!  (“Brent, I don’t think that’s an appropriate design decision.”)

We should always be asking – are we still relevant?

We need to step up and take a look at what we do – how we use these technologies to have impact in all areas of our orgs.

FIND the information you need to go back to your orgs and start making that change happen.

We’re gonna start the morning looking bigger and broader – where is technology going. This morning’s keynote will open our minds.  (So we’re not thinking in the weeds yet about HTML5, etc.)

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