Friday, July 22, 2011

ASTD Salary & Compensation Survey 2011

ASTD has just released their 2011 Salary & Compensation Report for the L&D field.

Let's discuss:

  • Median salary for men is $80,000-$90,000; for women it is $70,000-$80,000
  • The proportion of men earning $120,000 or more is twice that of women
  • Women are not as well represented in higher paying categories of L&D. There is a dearth of women in executive ranks and higher compensated specialties, possessing advanced degrees, or having 20 or more years of experience.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Taking a TechFast

As I’ve reported before, I periodically suffer from SoMeFat (Social Media Fatigue).

It’s perhaps been heightened now with the additional disorder of Multiple Social Network Disorder (Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+ to keep up with!)

So this past week, I left it all behind when my family and I headed to the beach in Maine.  I even left my iPhone at home.  (I know, the unthinkable).  DSC_0047

Here’s the thing, I didn’t miss it at all!

Instead I:

  • Enjoyed my delightful children
  • Spent time with my husband
  • Celebrated yet another year on the planet (yes, a birthday party, complete with decorated shells my daughter made as party favors)
  • Boogie boarded and played in the waves endlessly
  • Read (OK – it was on my Kindle so I wasn’t completely device free)
  • Stared at the ocean
  • Rode my bike
  • Slept a lot (periodically asleep by 8:30 pm!)
  • Took pictures with my camera
  • Took pictures with my mind

I feel like – at least for the immediate term – I will change my SoMe consumption habits.  I mean to be a little less on top of it all.  Perhaps a little more structured about when I venture out to check on my Tweets and my FB.  (Although, seriously, with Google+ all bets are off now – we’ve got a shiny new toy to experiment with!)

Are you in need of a TechFast? How do you recharge?

Friday, July 08, 2011

Are you a 1-Stop elearning Shop?

Do you do it all? Are you a one-man/woman show as far as elearning goes in your organization?

Lisa Goldstein (@LisaAGoldstein) is looking for some data!  Please take her survey and share your stats.