Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Morning Buzz with Charles Jennings #DevLearn

Charles Jennings leading a morning buzz session at #devlearn – talking about learning management.

Also in the house: Harold Jarche and Jay Cross.

Don’t start with a training needs analysis (TNA) – start with performance analysis.


  • what are they doing now?
  • what do you expect them to do?
  • what’s the impact if they do this?
  • what’s the impact if there’s no change?

Training people need to start acting like performance consultants.

Many banks are replacing people with technology.

How do you know what should be spent across an organization for training?

“It’s really a dark art” – says Charles.

A lot of the data out there is meaningless. Because it’s really around the business need.

The org that’s spending less per person is maybe just hiring really smart people…there’s lots of variables.

Most orgs have a budget that they just roll over every year for T&D.

Question about how to deal in orgs where regulatory compliance side has lots of training checkboxes but non-regulated side doesn’t.

Governance boards that are prepared to make senior level decisions help when making L&D transformations

Charles will post some slides up on slideshare about governance…

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