Sunday, November 06, 2011

Avoiding the Trap of Clicky-Clicky Bling-Bling #devlearn

OK – so I can’t live blog my own session, but I can share my slides: presented Thursday, Nov 3 2011 at DevLearn in Las Vegas.

It was a great session – lots of conversation with the group which you won’t see on the slides, a few side bars and tangents, and some free t-shirts at the end!  Thanks to everyone who joined in.

And for the record -- I designed my slides to match the t-shirt I was wearing ;)


annieinthesun said...

Just love this presentation. It's good advice for any sharing vehicle. Dig the graphics you used. Lots to chew on. And thought bytes..."drill & kill" a new one for me...also "populating a user's experience portfolio" yes, you've done that for me. There is ONE type of "bean people" I will come back to, hahahaha, the author!

Jennier Larson said...

Hi Cammie, I found your presentation really useful. I'd love to have the slides, but I am prohibited from SlideShare by IT security policy. Will they be on the devlearn site soon or ever?
Inner Bling may be my new motto.

Judy Unrein said...

Hi, Cammy! This was an awesome session. I love that you're combating bad practice with research -- and humor.

So, can I pimp my own stuff here? You mentioned my M.Ed. research in response to an audience question and I'm finally pulling on my big-girl socks and sharing it publicly. Thanks so much for the nod!

Here it is.