Monday, December 05, 2011

Kineo eLearning Design Webinar December 8

Learning_Models The most impressive learning designs draw from best principles of adult learning theory, take a card from marketing and advertising, and ultimately result in effective programs that inform, instruct, and perhaps even change behaviours.

But how do you get there?…

Come join our webinar this Thursday, December 8 at 11:00 eastern and download the free Learning Models guide.


Staying healthy through swimming - Strength, Flexibility and Technique said...

Hi Cammy,

I enjoyed your presentation on e-learning models.

I drafted some similair concepts of approaching e-learning using scenes and I start out with a movie to show why scenes are such an important part of our lives whether it’s the scenes we create within our own lives or the scenes we remember in the movies.

My proposed Strategy

Essentially an e-learning program consists of scenes you are trying to evoke in the minds of the learner. The scene could be a impacting single slide or a combination of slides. In addition each scene must be related. It's not enough to create a scene on courage and a scene on communication style in a leadership course. They must be interwoven together in a unique way so our associative memory connects the ideas together (stories are an example of the interwoven affect). I think this principal or technique can reach across all types of learning models (inform or raise awareness, improve knowledge and skills, and to change attitude and behavior)

Of course, in some circumstances action is required but for many of those circumstances a job aid is the best appropriate method, whether it can be used just prior to an performance event, during a performance event or after a performance event.

I am interested in hearing what you think about the ideas. I also look forward to the book by Design for How People Learn by Julie Dirksen that you just recommended. Thanks so much!

Luke718 said...

Hi Cammy,

Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar - so much so, that I want a copy of the recording to show non-converts in my eLearning shop!

The Kineo site says "Check back tomorrow to view a recording..." but I can't find hide nor hair of said recording.

Is there one?


Cammy Bean said...

Hey Mike - thanks for sharing your ideas! I'm bookmarking your preso so I can dig more deeply, but I think what you're saying makes a lot of sense. If it's performance support, then a stand-alone job aid sounds right. But if you're trying to pull something together into more of an experience then those transitions really do matter. They provide context and coherence.

Luke -- there IS a recording and it WILL be up there! Meanwhile, you can find the slides here:

Luke718 said...

Hi Cammy,

The link is there, the file is uses some sort of proprietary video codec from GoToMeeting and won't play on either my PC or Mac. I even had the video guru at our shop try to sort it out, to no avail...


Cammy Bean said...

Hey Luke,

It looks like the recording is a Windows Media File (.wmv) --

So it *should* work for you?!?