Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Articulate Storyline

So the buzz last week at the e-Learning Guild's Learning Solutions Conference in Orlando was all about Articulate Storyline.

Articulate Community Manager Jeanette Brooks confirms that it's all true:

"We are indeed building an amazing new e-learning authoring tool called Storyline, while at the same time working on exciting new enhancements to Articulate Studio."

Rumor has it that Storyline will include some great features like a screen capturing tool! And saved text inputs! And it will make coffee for you, too! (OK, maybe that part's not true...)

So. For those of you who saw the demos last week, what do you have to say? Does Storyline live up to the buzz? Can you hardly wait to get your hands on it?


Joe Deegan said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of storyline but I am a little worried about the budget with a new release of Articulate studio on the way. May end up costing me an arm purchasing storyline and upgrading to the new studio but probably worth the expense.

Cammy Bean said...

Here's another preview of Storyline from Jonathan Shoaf

Kevin Thorn said...

Storyline was a total surprise to everyone as the anticipation was building on an upgrade to Articulate Studio '09 that would support publishing to all mobile platforms including the iPad.

What I initially see is not only a rapid authoring tool, but one that encompasses more tools sets into one product as well as publish out to multiple platforms.

No release date that I know of, but I suspect sometime later this year. Like Joe said, "I'm eagerly awaiting."

Kevin Thorn said...

Studio will follow Storyline's release (Studio 11/12?). Beta for Storyline due in the next month or so with a release date sometime this Summer. Studio upgrade later this Fall. (via Adam, CEO)

The big difference between the two is Storyline caters to developers who want to use variables, custom interactions, and have the innate skills and knowledge to use a more 'advanced' tool...yet designed for easy use and fast learning curve. You can totally design within Storyline or build PPT screens first, and then upload.

Studio will still remain an Add-In for PPT for those shops that need true rapid turn around.

You can build quizzes and interactions custom directly in Storyline as well as upload existing Quizmaker files (not sure yet about uploading existing Engage interactions). Storyline is a true standalone authoring app.

I think the biggest buzz last week (and on their forums) is the ability to publish out to HTML5 for deployment on the iPad.

Unknown said...

Yes, Cammy. IMHO, Storyline is a game changer, not because there are no tools out there that will do what it will do, but because the focus of the product is on story and it's innately created to accomodate that metaphor. I was in on early design discussions, but based on what I saw in the unreleased version of the product, the Articulate team has found the perfect balance between a tool that will be accessible to novices and still powerful enough for advanced users to push the interaction envelop.

I'm very excited about this product.

Jenise Cook said...

One question that is hanging out there, awaiting an answer, is.... will Storyline run on both operating systems? That is, will there be a Mac OS X version as a standalone app?

Am looking forward to seeing Storyboard along with the rest of the community!

mamaier262 said...

Any new Info on Articulate Storyline?

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.. I a novice into this field.. want to know other than articulate what are the tools currently used for storytelling thing for e-learning

Russ Boyd said...

I really like the freedom to have the user control the sequence of topics. Looks promising.

Lou Mang said...

Storyline looks very promising however I wish Articulate could solve the Closed Captioning issue (like Camtasia has, but I don't like to use Camtasia if I don't have to). What they have in Storyline isn't really CC (using the notes)and what is suggested for a workaround (synced text with video) is a lot of work. I'll deal with it but for those of us who are required to use CC in our work Storyline isn't quite there.