Friday, March 11, 2011

Top 3 Reasons to Watch Cammy on #elearnchat

I had great fun being a guest on elearnchat (@elearnchat) this week with Terrence Wing (@terrencewing) of Liquid Learn and Rick Zanotti (@rickzanotti) of Relate Corp.

So why should you tune in?

1) You can listen to us talk about eLearning design, including the challenges of doing learning design in a One-Stop Shop and how to bring humanity (and nuns back into eLearning).

2) You can hear me use such terms as Clicky Clicky Bling Bling, “Thought Leader” and hightopping.

3) You can hear some seductive theme music and see some interpretive dance moves.

What is elearnchat? Why, it’s a weekly online talk show focused on…eLearning.  Recent guests have included Brent Schlenker, Koreen Olbrish and Nicole Fougere. Upcoming guests include Aaron Silvers and Kevin Thorn.

Watch live video from RELATE Live! on

1 comment:

Jane Bozarth said...

That was a fun show! I get my turn on April 5. Since you did interpretive dance moves, I'm thinking of playing my banjo.