Thursday, March 03, 2011

Totara LMS Demo Now Available!

Totara is now available for your hands-on demoing pleasure.

What is Totara? Why it's a custom distribution of Moodle, specifically geared the corporate sector with learning plans, detailed reporting and classroom management, among other useful features.

And did I mention that it's open source?

Check the demo out here:


Barry Sampson said...

Hi Cammy,

It's looking really good!

When will it be available to download (assuming that it isn't already and I just can't find it).


Sue said...

The details about how to get hold of Totara are all on the website Barry

Cammy Bean said...

Hey Barry, glad you like it! It's all very exciting :)

Sue, thanks!

Barry Sampson said...

Thanks for the link Sue, but that just tells me about the subscription options.

It does mention that they are licensing Totara under the GPL, and they are promoting this as an open source project (as Cammy has reiterated in her post). I'm interested to know how I as a non subscriber can access the source code and install it myself?

Steve said...

Hi Barry
The Totara code is only available via a support subscription. The code is distributed on an open source basis in line with gpl eg you can take, amend and use the source code as you desire. You also join the Totara subscriber community.
There is a good article on open source support subscriptions and the benefits here
There is also a full sand pit demo where you can login as an administrator. I am happy to help with any questions.

Cammy Bean said...

That last comment was from Steve Rayson of Kineo. Getting the news right from the source!