Friday, March 11, 2011

eLearning Guild’s 2011 Salary Report

According to this latest report, eLearning salaries worldwide grew 2.0% this year.  Did yours?

Are you in range with the average global e-Learning salary of $76,852? (in the U.S. it’s reported to be at $79,890).

Check out the full report: eLearning Guild’s 2011 Salary Report


Anonymous said...

I'm slightly above the mean and I live in San Diego, so that's a good thing.

Jil said...

Not in Mississippi...but, my mortgage is low! :)

Cammy Bean said...

Be sure to check out the report itself -- this year's seems to have a bit more global focus than in past years, which is interesting to see.

And there's also the eLearning gender pay gap to consider -- of course it's lower than the US National average, but still something to stand in the streets in indignation about!

Allan said...

I am certainly under the mean, but when I used their calculator to determine my worth, I came in right at my target.