Thursday, March 01, 2007

This job ain't dead yet....

It's ok Dan. We're not dead yet.

What strikes me about this whole DIY/informal learning/death of ISD conversation is that what we're really talking about are those so-called motivated knowledge workers. These are the folks in the corporate world. These are guys who will take informal learning by the horns and run with it. And they do. They get raises and promotions for being smart.

Not the maintenance guys working on the line in manufacturing (and for whom I've been creating a lot of e-learning these days). These folks are described to us by their managers as wanting to do their jobs and then go home and crack a few beers. (Although that describes most of us, right?) They're certainly not going to take the initiative to take e-learning courses on their own time. At least, this is what I'm told.

I cringe a bit seeing what I've wrote here -- it sounds sort of elitist, which is not my intent.

In Brent Schenkler's response to Dan, he says
There are many people still willing to be led blindly by others and doing as they're this, do that, go get training, etc. And as long as companies still pay for it we are all sittin' pretty making some coin crankin' out the Captivate movies sippin' a cold pint.
Yes...many many good years of living ahead...if you call this living.

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