Monday, March 12, 2007

Free the Learners -- Free the LMS

Jay Cross in Free the learners talks about his afternoon omelette and anarchy and then goes on:

People ask how to track informal learning in their LMS; my response is don’t. But how will we know if they are learning? I reply that it’s the same way we always do: check afterward to see if they’re performing up to expectation.

So my question is about LMSs. I'm wondering if people actually use all that data that does get tracked now for formal learning. I'm mean -- do they really use all that data? What if we got really crazy and didn't track much of formal learning either?

In What to track? Dan observes,

From this they are able to get stats on time spent elearning, who has completed
what and a whole host of stats that, at the end of it tell them nothing at all
about how the behaviour of the learner has changed as a result of the training.

I've always been on the vendor end of things in this equation. We build it because they ask for it. We make our courses comply with their so-called needs. Who can tell me what is actually used of all these piles and piles of data captured by all the piles and piles of LMSs out there? If you use it, what does it really tell you about your employees?

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