Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rise Up and sing you e-Learning designers of the 21st Century

He calls it unashamed promotion, which I guess it is. But it's more than that. I thought Patrick Dunn did a nice job presenting the difference between e-learning designers of the "last century" who follow the addie method to create courses (click me, read me) and thus bored learners, vs. today's e-learning designers who "create experiences".

At least they "create experiences" theoretically, under the best possible circumstances. I think the issue is that most of us e-learning designers are still trying to convince our clients to have us build experiences rather than lockstep page turners...

As a result, he says, for today's e-learning designers to do their jobs well, we need to:
  • revel in complexity and uncertainty
  • grow their theoretical knowledge daily
  • walk the (digital) walk
  • thrive on new ideas

I'm trying, man. I'm trying.

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