Friday, November 12, 2010

Three Tips for Putting the Humanity Back into E-Learning and More Top Tips

Oh, the humanity!  Is your e-Learning turning out more like a horror show for zombies than a program that actually helps, gasp, people?

Three tips for stopping the horror and putting the humanity back in:

  1. Start with the learner, not the content
  2. Get emotional
  3. Watch your tone

For more of the meat on this one, read the full top tip on our website: Tip 44: Where’s the humanity?

And be sure to check out more top tips, including the latest: Tip 45: Video – bring out your inner guerilla

1 comment:

Consumer Review said...

I agree completely! My previous company was working on quite a bit of e-learning. Each piece was a bigger flop than the last. Why? Too techy! People just couldn't relate. I tried to tell them - they did not want to get it.
Kind regards.