Thursday, November 04, 2010

DevLearn The New Face of Learning is Here! #dl10

Brent Schlenker kicked things off here at the DevLearn key note – talking about the new face of learning.  Which is you and me.

devlearn_that's_me!It really is! Brent explained the DevLearn logo is made up of images of eLearning Guild members.  And he said my name out loud to everyone – along with Clark Quinn and Tom Kuhlmann.  Holy cow!  I’m right above the woman’s left eye. I had no idea.

Reports have it there are 1600-1700 registered people this year.  And by the looks of the crowd, I believe it.

I’ve mostly been doing my booth babe duty on the Expo floor – things have been very busy in there!  Have popped my head into a few keynotes here and there, but seem to find most of my conversations and connections happening on the couches in front of the Expo hall. 

Will try to send occasional messages from the floor – my keyboard is too loud for the live blog notes that I like to take (I’ve been shushed one too many times and have finally learned.  Need a stealth keyboard for the next conference!)

Over and out.


Jenny Tsai-Smith said...

Try using an iPad next keyboard sound to annoy your neighbors.

Cammy Bean said...

Spot on, Jenny. I truly have the loudest keyboard in the universe -- even when trying to type quietly. (It's a Dell...shh...)