Friday, October 01, 2010

I’m Special! Check out DevLearn 2010!


Whenever this particular eLearning Guild announcement hits my inbox, I blush a little and feel very, very special:


Hope you’re coming to DevLearn this year and be sure to connect. 

I’ll be hanging out a lot at the Kineo booth, and obviously mingling with some other REALLY SPECIAL eLearning types at Friday’s “Perspectives on Learning” keynote session.  Expect some interpretive dance numbers from the lineup…


Judy Unrein said...

LOL! You are a hoot and you have every right to feel special!

bschlenker said...

You bring a special, refreshing, unique perspective to the eLearning community. I am honored that you accepted the invitation.
And you make people smile :) There is nothing more inspiring than that. Don't stop doing what you do.

Buy LifeCell said...

You should feel special - good for you! YAY for success!
Kind regards.