Saturday, May 23, 2009

iPhone and the End of All Boundaries

I just got my very own iPhone on Friday. Well, my company's, to be more precise. But it's in my hot little hands and I get to caress its shiny sleekness.

I had an iPod Touch, which I loved and was hopelessly addicted to. But this just has me over the top and I can't keep my hands off it.

Which isn't necessarily a good thing. Trust me.

For one thing, I can now check email and Twitter wherever I am:
  • In the car (it was safe -- my husband was driving!
  • At Friendly's with the kids, while celebrating my son's 6th birthday (and, yes, I was drinking a giant fribble)
  • In the middle of the night after being woken up by some child
It's been the last thing I look at at night, the first thing I check in the morning. I now respond to work emails BEFORE I've even had coffee. Dangerous ground.

It opens things up in some very cool ways, providing flexibility and accessibility, which is great. I now work with a whole group of people across the pond in bonnie ole england-- a five hour time difference -- and it's really easy to be connected. (Hi, guys!) I can even use Skype on the iPhone when there's wifi around, making calls to the UK free and clear.

I love it. But I might need help. Fellow iPhone users, how do you keep yourself from going overboard?

Some of this may also be the ramblings of a new virtual office worker who has a lot to learn. My office is my home, my home is my office.

So here I am at 11:30 at night, in bed with my laptop, catching up on email, managing twitter, blogging. On a Saturday night. Maybe the iPhone isn't the problem?


Jane Bozarth said...

Cammy, do not fight the power of the iPhone. Embrace it. Love it. Live it. Come toward the light...

Dick Carlson said...

Cammy --

You might want to look into some iPhone apps for bed. My favorites are iToss and iTurn, but I've also heard good things about iMaNoLDgUYwHOgETSuPoFTENtOpEE as well.

(No, I don't own an iPhone. Thanks for asking.)

KatSpr said...

Cammy, I agree with Jane - just give in to the love. I have had my iPhone since January when I went renegade from the (verizon)family plan because I couldn't stand to NOT have an iPhone any longer. It keeps me so connected to friends, family and work that I wouldn't like to live without it now.
Some app suggestions:
SimpleMindX - for mind mapping on the run
Urban Spoon - for finding some new restaurants
and Whack'emAll - for just plain fun.

Dave Ferguson said...

I've been known to leave my not-very-smart phone in a jacket pocket, or the map pocket of the car, for a day or two at a time.

Each to his or her own, but the only late-evening technology in my bedroom is the reading lamp. And the $5, battery-powered clock.

wheeedle said...

funny -- i found your post because i was looking through my flickr stats and saw your link to my fribble pic -- cool!

i agree with embracing the iphone. my wife just got one and i am watching her go through the same thing i went through when i got mine in november -- obsession: facebook, twitter, new york times, and generally apps apps apps. go with it and it will seek the level of the rest of your technology use.

Cammy Bean said...

Thanks for the blessing, Wheedle! And a special thanks for the Fribble Foto. Yum. Fribble.