Friday, May 29, 2009

Join Me at ASTD ICE June 1&2

Are you going to ASTD this coming week?

I'll be hanging out at the Expo with the Kineo crew on Monday and Tuesday. We're booth #1926. Stop by and say hi!

And if you can't make it to the Expo, join us for Beer & Bloggers/Tweeters/eLearning folks: Monday, June 1st 7/8:00ish and on at the Dubliner.

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Dave Ferguson said...

For the out-of-towners at ASTD, you can easily go from the convention center to the Dubliner:

From the Mt Vernon Square metro stop, take the Green Line (in the direction of Branch Avenue) one stop to Gallery Place / Chinatown.

(DC's very big on two-name Metro stops.)

Then take the Red Line (in the direction of Silver Spring or Glenmont) two stops to Union Station.

At Union Station, take the Massachusetts Avenue exit; you'll come out at the west side of the station. The Dubliner's in the Phoenix Park Hotel, a short walk away. (Near the H in "you are here.")(On the way back, take the Red Line in the direction of Grosvenor / Shady Grove, two stops to Gallery Place; take the Green Line in the direction of Greenbelt one stop to Mt. Vernon Square.)