Sunday, May 10, 2009

Corporate Crush, Realized

Have you ever had a corporate crush? A company or organization that you've admired from afar?

Maybe you think Apple is awesome, or fantasize about giving up your day job to work at Chipotle because you think they're forward thinking and kind of cool.

It's not a romantic thing. It's admiration for a company's style and approach. A sense that maybe you'd fit in with them.

For the past three years I've had a crush on Kineo.

When I first started blogging, I stumbled on the Kineo site and their great free eLearning resources: instructional design tips, audio interviews, book reviews. Their stuff is smart, funny and useful.

My eighth blog post ever was about Kineo. (June 14, 2006)

In the past three years, Kineo has grown from a seed in a few guys' heads to an award-winning company with over 45 employees. In 2008, Kineo was named the e-learning company of the year in the UK by E-learning Age and has won awards for their work in the US, including an Articulate Guru Award.

I met Steve Rayson and Matthew Fox at the eLearning Guild Annual Gathering in Boston in 2007. We've stayed in touch. And, well, one thing has led to another...

Corporate crush, realized.

You got it. I've got a new gig. With Kineo.

Call me a blushing bride. Call me a happy honeymooner. Call me the new VP of Learning Design for Kineo US. Read the press release here.

We've got lots of exciting stuff planned. Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Sparking a Crush by designbyfront


Wendy said...

Cammy!!! Super cool!!!! Congrats on your new gig!!!! Can't wait to hear what you all have up your sleeve.

Unknown said...

Bravo! I admire your commitment to the dream. So what was your approach ... Butterfly chased and caught by the Kineo net or annoying gnat they couldn't ignore any longer? :)

regardless - I wish you great success!

Cammy Bean said...

Thanks, Wendy. Right now, it appears like I have lots of things to learn tucked up my sleeves.

As to you, Mark -- well, there was no "approach". Just seemed to happen in the most organic of ways. Sorta strange that way...

Christine Martell said...

Cammy this is great. They are so lucky to have you, can't wait to see what exciting things you come up with.

Ethan said...

Congrats! I totally know what you mean by "corporate crush". Nice to know that these dreams are sometimes realized!

Cammy Bean said...

Thanks, Christine and Ethan. First week has been fabulous. In a busy kind of way. :)

Jenise Cook said...

Dreams do come true, and I'm very happy for you, Cammy.


Judy Unrein said...

Cammy, this is an awesome post! I have a corporate crush myself -- and now I don't feel like such a weirdo.

Congrats on realizing yours... I will have to doodle the name of mine on my binder for a while yet!

Cammy Bean said...

Yes, Judy. Just believe. And doodle.