Monday, June 11, 2007

Personalization does not equal Personal

I've been catching up this morning on all the recent PLE posts, particularly Tom Haskin's recent entries. Today, Tom mentions that "James Ryan left an extensive comment on Enterprises that love PLE's. He reveals the thinking about PLE's inside the financial services industry:

(A PLE/Education Portfolio owned by the learner) also requires a means for the learner to accept updates to their PLE, made by people providing training, so the student has a verified training record, verified qualifications and ce points/hours or other measurement."

This got me thinking more about the words "personal" and "personalization".

Corporations can "personalize" a Professional Learning Environment (aka an LMS), allowing users to add their own widgets; they can allow trainers to update a user's training record; they can let the user set preferences.

But that does not equal a Personal Learning Environment. That's just a personalized Professional Learning Environment.

The line between Personal vs. Professional is not alway clear. For some folks, there is a distinct demarcation: I leave the office and I leave behind my work and my work-related training environment. And then my real life and learning begins. Work pays the bills and that's it.

Where the boundary between the personal and professional is less distinct and more Permeable -- that's where you will find Passion. Folks who are passionate about what they do will find their personal and professional learning environments co-mingling. Work does not end for the day and then life begins.

For folks who are not passionate about their work -- many who reside within the traditional, corporate firewall -- the PWLE is Pointless.


Tom Haskins said...

This is a wonderful distinction Cammie. Thanks for adding it into all our debating about PLE's. Your idea that there is more passion when the boundary is fuzzy -- is true for me. Thanks for your delightful clarity today!


Tony Karrer said...

Cammy - I really appreciate the on-going dialog around this topic.

I'm curious if you distinguish your learning environment (tools, skills, etc.) from your work environment (tools, skills) in any significant way (especially in the context of tacit work)?

Cammy Bean said...

It is a fun debate, isn't it? Why is that? Everyone's certainly getting passionate about it...

Thanks for the comments and the conversation.

Tony, I had to just do it and devote an entire entry to your question. Who knew I had so much to say? I certainly didn't...thanks for asking.

Mark said...

Cammy...dead on!