Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting Pysched for FaceBook

I'm definitely feeling out-of-my element in this whole FaceBook thing. I'm trying to get into it and discover it's potential professional uses. I now have five friends (in case you were wondering). And I've joined a group: FaceBook for Business in which I've posted some questions, gotten some answers, and been asked to participate in a beta test for a FaceBook widget.

I'm just scratching the surface, I suppose. There must be more, or is there?

Ran across this article, The Psychology of FaceBook, which talks about the collecting of friends and relationships aspect of it all.

FaceBook is in transition, that's for sure. I am joining for the first time with completely professional interests. Others have established identities and networks built on personal interests. Is it ok to blend this all together? Doesn't that threaten to get too weird?

I see FaceBook groups for instructional designers, but not much is going on there. There's an e-Learning group -- on first glance it appears to be just a collection of people without the content of the blogosphere.

If you're interested in exploring, please friend me. I'm feeling lonely and really nerdy. I need a bigger collection. I'd like to push this somehow, but I'm not sure.

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