Monday, June 18, 2007

Google Docs

I played around a bit with Google Docs this weekend. Well, I actually worked with Google Docs this weekend. Inspired by recent posts from Harold Jarche and another one today from Wild Apricot on using Google Docs in nonprofits (thanks to Michele Martin for the link). I took some work home without having to lug my laptop. It was lovely.

I was talking to my CTO about my experience. His concern, of course, is that now that the information is not stored centrally it's harder to manage. And the fear that someone who shouldn't get to it will. Aah -- corporate control. Always the issue.

Now I see that you can publish a Google Doc right to my blog, so I'm going to try that now. Not sure if it gives me any advantages over writing a blog entry in Blogger. Any one done that? When, where and why?

Update: When I published the post, it didn't have a title. I don't see in Google Docs a way to do this. It appears to just title your document with the first few lines of text. Nor can you add tags when publishing to your blog.

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