Monday, February 26, 2007

Where Are All the Women Part II

I wrote about this a few days ago in my post Where Are All the Women? where I was pointing out the general lack of women in the e-Learning blogosphere. But perhaps this is just a general business-blog issue. It seems this is old news.

For some backstory, see the Boston Globe article, "Women tap the power of the blog" July 17 2006.

Molly Holzschlag wrote way back in April 1 2005 Women Bloggers Just Ain't Good Enough

Barriers to entry are everywhere, if not in technical education and know-how, how about the self-esteem and identity issues that the individual faces trying to get out there? And then what about the vulnerability and pressure of being here? No one ever talks about that oft-challenging side of blogging.
I was googling this issue and came across a few resources or webrings:

BlogHer "Where the women bloggers are..."

Blogs by Women The blogs displayed today on the home page had titles such as "More Women Waiting to Tie the Knot", "Harvard Promotes its First Woman to Position of President", "Trends in Pregnancies..." -- marriage, pregnancy, health issues, parenting -- the Harvard story was the only business-related story. Now, as a woman, I'm definitely interested in those topics. But I guess this isn't where I'll find the female e-Learning bloggers.

So -- who else is out there in the e-Learning blogosphere of the female persuasion? Who are the credible female voices in this conversation?

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