Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back to bloggin'

I'm gonna try this again. I kind of lost interest for awhile, but now that I've got my Google Reader going, I've become caught up in all the chatter. I've been lurking for awhile. I actually dared to enter a comment over at Brent Schenkler's site yesterday, where I admitted to being a dealer of Crack e-Learning page turners. See Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development: Welcome to the Learning Clinic. I got an adolescent rush seeing that my comment was up there and that Brent had actually responded. I felt like a part of something...I felt...connected.

And so now I feel compelled to enter the conversation, although I'm not sure yet if I have anything to add. Everyone that I've been reading appears to be so darn smart, so motivated, so passionate about this stuff.

My exposure to the e-Learning blogosphere points to a pretty small world -- the key players seem to have a private conversation going on. Lots of self-referential patting each other on the back? Endless loops of people linking back to each other -- so I've read at least 10 blog entries about that really cool Web 2.0 video that everyone's linking to on YouTube in the past few days....

But I guess that's the point? Share it...connect the about it...change your mind...learn....

So...deep breath. I'm gonna try it. And I might look kind of silly while doing it. Like, I don't know all the lingo, man -- I don't understand this backtrack and web stats and all that...

Here goes.

(Cheaters note: I've copied some older posts I had from another blog and put them up here...)

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