Thursday, February 15, 2007

Art History e-Learning Nuggets

I was looking for some inspiration the other day -- a way to refill the creative cup -- and decided to head over to the Louvre website for a closer look. Found some cool little e-Learning nuggets: short Flash pieces with audio and callouts and beautiful images to teach you about the history and symbolism of various masterpieces. The interface is nothing exciting and somewhat counter-intuitive, but it's balanced out by the beauty of the artworks themselves. Check out the Mona Lisa for an in-depth study.

I laugh, remembering Art History 101 in college -- a darkened lecture hall, slides projected on the wall, me falling asleep in spite of myself, sometimes even snoring. How cool it would have been to have these resources available back then...

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Unknown said...

Hey thanks for posting this, it might help me in my art history class and my e-learning class!