Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creating Effective Design Models - Thursday Sept 20th Kineo Webinar

Join me this Thursday, September 27 at 11:30 EST for another webinar in Kineo's fall series: Creating Effective Design Models

At Kineo, we've been creating our own names for the design models or patterns that we find ourselves applying over and over again to solve different types of learning challenges with our clients.  Having a common language that we use 

As usual, I'll share lots of examples and look to you to help create another lively back channel!

Register for the webinar here.


Jonathan Vernon said...

An insightful presentation. My first thought was 'music to my ears' the second that I expect more communications skills from the worlds of advertising and narrative storytelling to return to learning and training in well-crafted e-learning forms.

Rani H. Gill said...

Hi Cammy,

Any chance your webinar was recorded? I'm grappling with this very challenge now at my firm - we call it "design shells"