Monday, September 10, 2012

Free Kineo Webinar (join me on Sept 13!) : Interactive eLearning?

Join me this Thursday, September 13 11:30 EST for a free Kineo webinar on that elusive holy grail of e-learning....interactivity!

What is it? How do we use it effectively? Why do we need it and do we? What are the dangers of interactivity? ...(hint: beware of CCBB!!!) What does effective interactivity look like?

And while we're waiting for Thursday to come round...take a moment to share your unique thoughts on interactive elearning in the comments.  Feel free to answer the questions I've posed here -- or answer something else completely.

We'd love to have participants share their own examples of good interactive elearning.  Let me know if you've got a great (or even a terrible) example you'd like to share!

Details and registration info on this week's webinar and more available here:  Kineo Events Registration and Info Page

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