Friday, September 21, 2012

Responsive eLearning Design (RED)

iPads, iPhones, Galaxy Tabs, laptops, desktops -- it's now a learning-on-the-go world where most of us regularly access multiple devices in a day. (Me? I've got three: my laptop, my iPhone, and my Kindle).

We've got authoring tools that output to Flash and HTML and do this and do that.

And everyone's scratching their heads about how to build that next elearning/mlearning/learning  project. (Seriously, can't we drop the prefix by now?)

At Kineo, we've been exploring options for delivering content in this new world order. Yesterday, Steve Rayson shared some of the cool things our team has been looking at.

In case you missed it, the webinar recording and slides are now available.  Find out more about Responsive eLearning Design and why we think it's the way forward.

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