Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recommended: "In Defense of the LMS"

Are you an LMS naysayer? Do you have any idea what an LMS is actually capable of these days?

Either way -- or whatever your LMS experience -- I heartily recommend this post from Dave Wilkins: "A Defense of the LMS (and a case for the future of Social Learning). It's a long read, but he makes it more enjoyable with swears.

Dave is currently a bigwig at So, yes, he's got a bit of a bias, but he certainly knows his way around an LMS.


iliveisl said...

an LMS can work very well. it gets screwy once customization starts to occur, thereby messing up SCORM standards

use Moodle, it rocks, has a zillion plugins and an awesome user community that can answer anything faster than any paid vendor

my 2 cents

Paul said...

Keep seeing Moodle everywhere and its the one platform I've not dived into. What about Elgg - is it not the more grown up version? Perhaps it's time to get my feet wet and see...

thanks for your 2 cents worth.

Cammy Bean said...

ELGG is an open source social networking platform, a bit different from an LMS. We have done some Moodle-ELGG integrations -- creates for a nice, rounded environment.