Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Now that’s an Enterprise Moodle! -- Kineo Moodle for Retail Giant Tesco

Tesco MoodleIn case you’re still not sure if the open source LMS Moodle is ready for prime time corporate use, have a second look.

Kineo has just deployed a Moodle/Joomla learning portal for Tesco, the world’s third largest retailer. For those of us in the US who haven’t heard of Tesco it’s like the Wal-Mart of the UK.

The initial rollout will go to 15,000 with plans to roll out to the global staff over two years -- that's potentially 400,000 users! The eventual scale of the project will make it one of the largest ever implementations of the Moodle platform in the corporate learning space. Now that’s an enterprise Moodle!

Read more about Kineo’s Tesco Moodle/Joomla Online Academy.

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