Sunday, May 09, 2010

eLearning Guild’s 2010 Salary Report

money 2 In case you missed this, the eLearning Guild has recently released the 2010 Salary and Compensation Report (United States) by Temple Smolen, culled from data provided by eLearning Guild members. 

“The average salary of a person who lives in the United States and works in e-Learning is $79,252.”

Having a Masters Degree does help, giving you a +3.2% boost.

Instructional Designers come in at –4.6% from the industry average.  Apparently, if you want to make the really big bucks you need to be on the “executive management” side of the business.

According to research results, men on average make $10k more than woman.  Yes – even in the eLearning biz:

There continues to be a consistent gender gap in pay between men and women. On average, men are paid 14.5% more than women. This gap is most notable in part-time employee pay, where women receive an average hourly rate that is 49.4% lower than the rate men receive, while working a comparable number of hours.  (p. 25)

Well then. Needless to say, that really ticks me off…

I like the Examples – How to Use This Data section with scenarios for new hires, contractors and employees seeking a raise.

Check out the data and do a few calculations of your own.  Then ask yourself if you’re on track…

Great stuff for employers looking to hire, eLearning professionals looking to be hired, and all the rest of us in between.

Read more about the report and download it from the Guild’s website.

Photo credit:  Money 2 by borman818 on Flickr

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