Monday, March 08, 2010

Moodle in 2010

Back in June, I asked if the corporate Moodle was at a tipping point?  People were on the fence.

moodle logo And then the eLearning Guild published their LMS report in the fall of 2009, with Moodle clearly gaining a foothold in the corporate market.  (Hear my October 2009 interview with Ellen Wagner, one of the report’s authors).

So is Moodle still gaining traction in the corporate market?  Surely seems to be.

Last week over 200 attendees joined in the Learning Technologies Moodle seminar which Kineo helped out with – How Companies are Making the Most of Moodle.

A few articles have come out of that session that I think are must reads if you’re wanting to learn more about Moodle and how it fits in to the corporate LMS landscape.

So where is the corporate Moodle going?  Time will tell, but we’re keeping ourselves busy!

Join us at the Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2010 in Orlando, March 24-26.  We’ll be showing Moodles demos at booth #208!

(Be sure to check out the video on the Learning Solutions main page – see if you can spot me! *blush*)


Michael Penney said...

Hi Cammy, we are certainly seeing a great deal of interest from Corporate Users - and have a been for some time now, with number of large corporate elearning program implementations under our belt:-).

Many of our Corporate Customers use our Enterprise Learning Intelligence Suite for Moodle - a set of add-ons we've developed that provide an enterprise-grade repository via our Alfresco integration, advanced reporting via our JasperReports integration - and a set of Curriculum/Learning Plan management tools designed for and with corporate clients.

There is more information about ELIS here:

Michael Penney
Vice President for Products and Platforms
Skype: michaelpenney

Mark Berthelemy said...

Thanks for the link, Cammy.



Anonymous said...

It is quite interesting to me that an organization as big as Cisco is choosing to use Moodle rather than their own custom LMS. Cisco has an LMS (actually, several of them), but the project I'm working on wouldn't be feasible in the standard Cisco LMS. So, I'm getting to play in Moodle quite a bit. Today was Moodle demo #17 in the last 3-4 weeks for me. Other Cisco groups are also evaluating Moodle too, so I'm sure it will be used more.

Looking at job listings lately, it seems like there are an increasing number of positions (or at least freelance contracts) involving Moodle. I see the tipping point there too.

Fulton Garrison said...

Even I have noticed that Moodle has attained a good growth as it came into existence. Yet it is widely used by most of the educators all around the world. The main reason for this is - low risk, good deployment speed and lower cost which is hard to see in any learning management system.