Wednesday, March 31, 2010

eLearning Geeks on Spring Break and New Skills for IDs #ls2010

Last week was Spring Break in Orlando, Florida for a whole bunch of eLearning geeks.

I got to spend a total of about 2 hours in the sun, which included a lovely poolside conversation with Tom Kuhlman of Articulate who stood there in a flannel shirt and blank pants talking to me about -- what else? -- Articulate, while I lounged in my lounge chair.

I then proceeded to have a wonderful conversation in the pool about Kineo with someone who had come to the conference to learn more about eLearning.

And then how could I forget my late night hot tub, where I learned about knowledge management at Defense Acquisition University.

This is how eLearning geeks live it up! I'm telling you.

And then there was the conference. Oh right. The eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions Conference & Expo. I talked a lot and did a bit of interpretive dance when the mood struck. There was a bit of hootenanny here and a lot of eLearning talk there.

I had one session in which my powers of projector taming completely failed me. (This, of course, was the session that Michael Allen sat in on. Yeah. Mr. eLearning himself.)

I got to do the Cammy Bean Talk Show with author Jonah Lehrer. I think I may have found my new passion -- talk show host -- because I really enjoyed wandering around with a microphone.

The big highlight was presenting with Koreen Olbrish of Tandem Learning and Ellen Wagner of Sage Road Solutions on New Skills for Instructional Designers. Here's our slide deck:
And be sure to check out this guerilla video bit I got of Ellen giving us a little crash course: "The Secret Handshakes of Instructional Design." Essential viewing for IDs, for sure.

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