Friday, September 14, 2007

So What Kind of a Gamer Are You?

In yesterday's poll, I asked readers if they think of themselves as gamers. As of this post, 55% of respondents proudly say "yes, I AM a gamer." Maybe not so proudly. There is some hemming and hawing amongst folks. Read the comments and see for yourself.

At Phil Charron's suggestion, I'm taking this next poll a bit deeper.

Let's talk about your gaming habits. And I mean digital gaming habits. Not whether or not you like to play Boggle at home the old-school way and rope your significant other into it on a regular basis. (Hey, that sounds like a slice of heaven to me!)

Instead, I want to know about your regular computer/digital game playing habits. And by regular, I mean that you access and play these games at least one a week.

So answer the questions, and take some time to comment. It's fun! It's almost like a game!

And be sure to response to the first poll "Are You a Gamer?"


Anonymous said...

Hi Cammy

I think I have a prob - I ticked yes to 4/5 of those - hardcore EQ2 player :( tho getting sidetracked with all this social networking lately

nice poll :) the headline in my feed def got my attn as a gamer. And not a fan of 2nd life as a hardcore gamer tbh - yet to see the point and I find the UI frustrating as hell tbh!

Cheers EvilSue

Cammy Bean said...

EvilSue....awareness is the first step...But seriously, why is this a problem to you? I assume you get something out of the games you play.

Karl Kapp said...

So Cammy, I play most of the games you listed, although, I currently do not have an account in any MMORPGs. The reason is that I am just too busy.

Video games are a huge time consumer. Thanks for the Poll, very interesting!