Thursday, July 26, 2007

Updating My Blog

Lately, I've been having blog envy. Wordpress and Typepad blogs look moh' bettah to me.

They have tabs. Tabs seem more professional, they make a blog feel more like a "real" website.

The blogs I envy are very white (Michele Martin's blog comes to mind).

Rather than making a big switch to another tool, which just seems like an enormous pain in the tuckus, I've decided to work with what I have -- which is Blogger. I'll start with a crisper look.

I don't think Blogger has tabs yet, but I bet that will come in time.

So here's what I did:

I chose a different Blogger template: one with less color, more white.

I decided I wanted a picture in my banner to create some visual interest. But I didn't like what Blogger did with the image when I first uploaded it -- the only option was to place the text right on top of the image. So I created a new banner in Photoshop -- took another apple photo and added some text. My Photoshop skills are minimal, but this task I could handle.

That's it. Took about 20 minutes.

Shake things up a bit. Still trying to motivate myself after a week of vacation, I suppose.

So -- what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Cammy--thanks for the compliment. :-) I'm digging the new look and what you did with the banner. Very nice Photoshopping! Obviously I like white, too, so I think this definitely creates a cleaner look.

Cammy Bean said...

Thanks, Michele!

To fully disclose, the image in the banner already had that reflection -- I can take no responsibility for that nice touch. Although I was involved in the apple photo shoot as a prop dresser.

Tracy Parish said...

Great Job!!! I love the new look Cammy. The all white is definately crisp, clear, refreshing, professional. It's amazing what a small change it can make. Now you're going to make me want to start playing with mine again.