Monday, July 30, 2007

Looking for Good Examples

Help! I'm looking for some input: good examples of software product training. Good stuff that stands out from the crowd.

I'm working on a pitch to a software company -- technical audience (think database guys). This training will be incorporated into their website -- available free to everyone -- so it's got to have a polished look with marketing appeal, but not be filled with fluffy stuff -- "just give me the content I need, now."

I've done about 8 gazillion software training programs in my time. I think some of them I've even done fairly well. That said, I've never done eLearning for a truly technical audience group (I think these are the types who typically don't read a manual, but dive right in and only come up for air when they get stuck).

Have you seen anything recently that stood out to you? That made you say wow?


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Thanks for the pointer. Do you have any experience with the fourth level? What about their approach is unique/good/better? I dont' see any demos on their site. I'm not looking to work with another vendor, I'm just looking to see good examples of software training to make sure I'm not behind the times!

I stopped by your blog briefly and intend to go back. Looks like you're doing some great experimentation in Second Life over at the Department of Information Science at Loughborough University.