Friday, May 31, 2013

Continuous, Collaborative Learning? What's That? Free Webinar! June 6

What does continuous, collaborative learning mean and why does it matter?

Next week, I'll be leading a webinar where we can start a conversation and then continuously collaborate on this topic!

I'll be looking at what other smarty pants have to say on the subject, share some juicy tidbits and information, and take a look at what real organizations are doing.

Join me on 6/6 in this free webinar hosted by GoToTraining.

Sign up today!


Unknown said...

Hey Cammy, I'm really excited about this webinar! I won't be able to participate in real time. Will we get a recording or something afterward? Thanks!

Cammy Bean said...

Hey Roger, for sure! GoTo says if you can't make it, just register anyway and they'll send you the recording link when it's up.