Thursday, March 07, 2013

"Is Your Compliance Training Ready for a Makeover?" @kineo webinar recording now available!

If you missed our Kineo webinar from a few weeks back (Is Your Compliance Training Ready for a Makeover), the recording is now up for your viewing pleasure:



Kelly said...

Excellent presentation. Special note on gathering stories (relevant stories) from SMEs which provide context and support other issues like consequences.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Cammy this was an excellent presentation (as usual--expected nothing less from you!). Wonderful tips and I will come back for more and send potential clients to Kineo.

Cammy Bean said...

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the kinds words.

Kelly -- so true that those stories are so often the missing link from a SMEs content deck to a training program. In classrooms or webinar sessions, SMEs often tell those stories without prompting - they're not written down and so nowhere to be found in the materials you get. Make your SMEs tell you stories and hopefully you can find that special secret sauce.