Thursday, February 07, 2013

Compliance Training need a makeover? Join us for a free webinar!

Is your training connecting with employees? Is your content relevant and engaging?  Are you successfully having the impact you desire?

Or could your training benefit from a dose of inspiration?  If so, you aren’t alone.   
According to LRN’s 2011-12 Ethics & Compliance Leadership Survey Report, 59% of respondents identify “Online Education Fatigue” as their top challenge.   
Let's take a look at best practices in compliance training from organizations across the globe including examples of how to: 

1. Make it fun
2. Show consequences
3. Tell stories
4. Make it personal
5. Make the learner’s role clear
6. Focus on grey areas that require judgment
7. Include clear calls to action
8. Link to policies don’t replicate them
9. Keep it simple
10. Make it memorable

Join me today for a free Kineo webinar at 12:30 eastern!

The slides from the February 7 session are posted!

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Jonathan Workman said...

Was this session recorded? Will there be another webinar on this topic?