Thursday, January 31, 2013

Design Models at #astdtk13

Today I presented a session at ASTD Tech Knowledge 2013.

Here are my slides for your learning pleasure!

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Steve said...

Hey, Cammy!

I've been meaning to drop by and tell you that I love the idea you have for cataloging different patterns / strategies based on strength of application and context. The identification and evaluation of specific strategies and heuristics is something I think we don't do very well in the field.

We're doing some work on target matching and I suspect the patterns you've described will make their way into our own catalog. I'm hoping to make ours open to others to take, borrow, modify, and apply as well.

Many folks look at patterns, strategies, and models as constraining prescriptions. That's the wrong way to look at these tools, in my opinion. Stuff like this is a great way to start or expand a design conversation.

It's great to have a starting place -- something that has worked for other folks in a particular situation that you can take and make your own, bend, vary, and fit to into your own design challenges.