Monday, January 23, 2012

ASTD TechKnowledge 2012 #ASTDTK12

ASTDTK logoI’m gearing up for an early morning flight tomorrow to Las Vegas, baby.
Looking forward to a week of learning about learning with 1,200 of my peers at ASTD’s TechKnowledge 2012.
As this year’s Planning Committee Chairperson, it’s been a real honor to help Linda David and the rest of the ASTD TK team plan the education format for this year’s conference.  Working closely with the fabulous TK12 Committee members (Aaron Silvers, Cindy Huggett, Judy Unrein, Kris Rockwell, Darlene Christopher, Steve Villachica and Terence Wing), ASTD has put together a program that includes practical sessions to help learning professionals do what they need to do today (and do it better!) as well as forward thinking sessions to prepare them for what’s to come.
I’m looking foward to partaking of as much learnin’ as my little brain will permit. 
I’ll be catching as many sessions as I can and posting my blogged notes here, so be prepared for a deluge of long posts with poor grammar and spelling mistakes…
When not flitting around like a bee, I’ve got a few tasks I’m responsible for – so fee free to hunt me down and say hi:
  • 7:15 Hosting the conference orientation session.
  • 8:30 Leading off the general session (as the TK12 Committee Chair, I’ve been asked to emcee the event.  I’m trying to channel Billy Crystal.)
  • 1:30 Assisting the fabulous Ellen Wagner with a session on talking to Senior Leaders (“Batter Up! – what’s your pitch?”).
  • 4:30 Leading a TK Chat on Instructional Design with Ellen Wagner, Allison Rossett, Karl Kapp, and Steve Villachica.
  • 11:00 Running a concurrent session on learning design “Yawn-Proofing Your E-Learning”.
  • 10:15 Leading a TK Chat on Mobile Learning with Chad Udell and Kris Rockwell.
  • 11:30 Channeling Billy Crystal again as the emcee of the final closing session.
Hope to see you there!


Kelly Meeker said...

I'll be there for the day on Wednesday - looking forward to seeing you - particularly for your mobile learning TK Chat.

Amir Elion said...

Sounds like a busy week indeed. Awaiting your blog notes. I'll be at learning technologies in London this time so hopefully I'll have another chance for ASTD TK.

Kevin Mulvihill said...

Cammy, I was there and you all put together a great conference (although I was scratching my head a bit about the Lisa Doyle slotting). Anyway, I had a great time and felt it was time well spent. I've also blogged about some of my sessions, including the one you did on yawn-proofing your e-learning. Let me know if I got it right, and best to ya! Kevin