Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Buckets of Content

buckets of rain “Buckets of rain, buckets of tears, got all them buckets coming out of my ears…buckets of moonbeams in my hands.” ~ Bob Dylan

Us Instructional Designers like buckets. Neat little containers. Helpful for sorting things out. Good for pouring.

I’ve been thinking lately about buckets of content.

Most of the elearning we seem to create in the corporate space primarily falls into these buckets:

  • Softskills
  • Procedures
  • Induction/New Hire
  • Product Knowledge
  • Awareness/Communications

Does this list seem right to you? What am I missing?

Photo credit: “Buckets of rain” by Cammy Bean


Jay_El_Dee said...

I have two buckets not on your list:

1. Undergraduate online classes.
2. Continuing education online classes.

Cammy Bean said...

Thanks, Jupiter. As someone who operates primarily in the corporate space, I wasn't really thinking about those types of buckets!

Elena Tikhomirova said...

I will say - IT courses bucket (they can fall in procedures eventualy but still have their own aspects in developement)

Kelly Meeker said...

Cammy, I'd add "cover your butt" compliance courses as a separate bucket - many companies don't necessarily need courses to accomplish business goals other than meeting compliance/regulatory targets. That seems like a potentially separate bucket.

Moses said...

I'd expand on Jupiter's comment by breaking those contexts down into buckets like:

Disciplinary norms (like induction)
Course norms (also like induction)
You've already got Procedures.
...I'm sure I'm missing some things here.

Another way of dividing buckets in the K-12 and higher education settings (that can also apply to professional training) is between core and supplemental content. Of course these aren't the same kinds of buckets, but as long as you're okay with buckets sharing content they're definitely useful.