Thursday, September 15, 2011

Read ‘em and weep elearning


I had a conversation today with someone who was still trying to get senior executives in his organization to buy into the whole concept of elearning. 

He said they’d all just had to go through two hours of state-mandated Sexual Harrassment training.  Endless text on the page. Boring, boring, boring.  What I call “Read ‘em and weep elearning”.


Read ‘em and weep. Is this how you want people thinking about the stuff you create? Can’t we do better?

How about instead we:

  • Focus on what we want people to DO instead of cramming them full of information that they’ll immediately forget?
  • Provide opportunities to practice?
  • Immerse someone in an experience and get them to react ?

What are you doing to stop the tears?

Photo credit: Crying baby by bbaunach


Anonymous said...

Can I have an "Amen" from the readers? I'm declaring a hashtag for you - #RWlearning

Brian Dusablon said...

Yes! No CCBB, and no REAW! Great post, Cammy.

Julie said...

A former coworker of mine used to refer to that type of eLearning as "Click and Snore" Training!