Monday, August 15, 2011

Top Resources for Instructional Designers

puzzled hearts_flickr So where do you send new practitioners for ideas and inspiration? Here’s a list I recently compiled for some new members on my team.

Allen Partridge Adobe Captivate Blog
For those of you who work with Captivate, you can’t miss Allen Partridge’s blog -- practical know-how with a spark.

Articulate’s Online Community
Lots of sharing of templates and ideas in the user community.

Cathy Moore
Cathy Moore is a smarty-pants in the elearning community who’s got a bit of Kineo flair to her style with a real focus on “doing.” She has a process she calls “action mapping”.

Clark Quinn
Clark is a man of passion and principle, admonishing us to avoid committing ID Practice and calling out the hogwash in the industry.

Connie Malamed “The eLearning Coach”
Connie writes a lot of posts that use the word “cognitive”. She helps translate theory to practice and has also just created a great little iphone app of useful ID terms.

ID Guru iphone App:

Judy Unrein
Judy’s a big geek and I love her for that. She knows about things like HTML5 and 508 Compliance. And she’s big into tools (even has a new podcast with Brian Dusablon in which they drink beer while talking about tools: The Toolbar).

Kineo Website
And then there’s our very own website, chock full of case studies, interviews, free guides and loads of elearning top tips.
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Need design inspiration or how-to-tips for creating that really cool PowerPoint effect? Check out the screenr gallery and my personal favorite: Dave Anderson of Articulate:

Tom Kuhlman’s Rapid eLearning Blog
Tom is the VP of Community at Articulate and quite a rockstar.

Will Thalheimer
Will helps bridge theory and research to practical application -- keeping us on our toes and inspiring us all to better practice. Although he’s been a bit quiet in the blogging world of late, rumor has it that Will is actively at work on a new book that takes a look at the research and translates it into information you can actually use.

Want more?
Explore Jane Hart’s ever-growing list of bloggers and tweeters.


Kelly Meeker said...

I would like to humbly submit one more suggestion. We've done an ever-updated post with tools for elearning developers and freelance instructional designers:

We also have the list in a live, public google doc, where anyone can update it and add their suggestions:

We get tons of traffic on this page! I think it's been useful for a lot of people.

Cammy Bean said...

Great addition! Thanks, Kelly.

Connie Malamed said...

After reading this post from a cognitive perspective, my brain made many cognitive associations, particularly about cognition. Thanks for including me in this honorable list.

Melissa Venable said...

What a great list! Thanks for pulling these all together. You might also add Julie Dirksen's The Usable Learning Blog - Her design-thinking, user-centered approach yields thought provoking questions for IDs in higher ed and training environments.

Cathy Moore said...

Thanks for including me--I'm honored.

I'd like to second Melissa's suggestion for the Usable Learning blog. I'm also getting a kick in the pants from the strong opinions on Paul Kearns' blog, Evidence-Based HR:

Cammy Bean said...

Great additions, Melissa and Cathy. With so many great blogs and resources out there it's hard to stop, isn't it?

Judy Unrein said...

Thanks so much for including me, Cammy! I'm blushing, as you are one of my favorite bloggers, too!

Thirding everyone's props to Julie Dirksen's Usable Learning blog, and adding a couple of my own...

The Total Learner Experience

The E-Learning Uncovered Blog (yeah, it's my company's blog, and it's good)

Also love Ellen Wagner and Kevin Thorn's blogs and I wish they would post more often! (That's right... I'm looking at you...)

Anonymous said...

check this

Jason said...

Awesome addition!! Thanks Kelly.