Thursday, August 11, 2011

Psst...wanna gossip about elearning?

"Did you see the elearning that that team created? You know the one that was really boring and no one could remember a thing about? Remember how every screen was packed with information and endless text bullets? And how the learners were completely bored but had to sit through it because it was compliance training?"

You did?

Hopefully you weren't the designer on that one!

In this month's top tip on the Kineo website, we explore the juicy subject of gossip and how you can use it to tell better stories.

Photo credit: Gossip by exquisitur

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annieinthesun said...

Love these birds...I DO wanna gossip about eLearning, LOL! So headed over to the article in full. I like cartoon bubble illustrated there on "tales of intrigue."

I find it amazing how expectations for PowerPoint and other slide-type presentations are changing. Used to bullet lists were THE way to convey info in a condensed manner. Here's another way suggested by avoiding this by an eLearning coach Connie Malamed (see "Let People Speak Your List" illustration).