Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Learning Visions Moving to New URL -- Please Update

Hi everyone --

I'm about to make a switch in my blog URL that might impact RSS feeds, etc.

The old links should work, but you will see a message alerting you to the fact that you're about to be redirected. It looks like more of a dead-end than it is. Just say yes.

I'm not sure if RSS feeds are going to work or not with this move. I'll guess we'll see how many loyal readers I actually have :)

Update your feeds and links so you don't miss out on a word I might have to say!

Learning Visions will now be at http://cammybean.kineo.com

Let me know if this gives you any trouble. And thanks for sticking with me!


Anonymous said...

Oh no - They've sucked you in!

Andrew Scivally said...

RSS feeds did change but I was able to quickly update. Thanks for the heads up.

RSS link

Cammy Bean said...

Hey Andrew -- thanks for verifying that.

As to you, Anonymous...well...I figured I'd get some flack from someone and I guess it's good it's you -- whoever you are. This is still my blog and I say what I want here!