Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yawn-proof Your e-Learning without Busting the Bank #dl09

Last week at DevLearn in San Jose, Stephen Walsh and I presented to a packed room: "Yawn-proof Your e-Learning without Busting the Bank"

It was Friday morning and everyone was quite exhausted. Before we got started, I joked that we'd know we'd been successful if no one yawned.

I think people were quite engaged and I didn't catch any yawns, so I'd say we hit the mark. 

Here are slides from our presentation. I'm sorry I can't share links to all of the demos we showed, but you can find some live examples on the case studies section of the Kineo website.  Enjoy!

Yawn Proof Your e-Learning without Busting the Bank

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David said...

Nice presentation, I esepcially agree with make the assessment hard like the real world. So often clients want them dumbed down. might want to reload though, slide 31 didnt convert

Cammy Bean said...

Thanks, David. I checked the presentation and it seems to be fine.

So regarding assessment -- how do you push back on client in order to make the assessments more challenging?

Cate Poole said...

This looked very interesting Cammy. I wish I had been there to hear you guys talk through the slides. From what I could derive from the content it looked like there were so many ideas I agreed with. I work with a legacy development group so there isn't a lot I can change, but maybe I can take one or two of these ideas and start the Titanic turning.

Cammy Bean said...

Hi Cate,

Sorry you weren't able to join us. Your challenge is one that so many of us face -- one of the ways to get that change through is by just doing it and then seeing the results of a new approach. Rogue instructional design!

Jeff Pankin said...

Not only did I not yawn, I stayed for the whole session! It was one of the best - real practical advice.

Thanks to Cammy and Stephen.

Cammy Bean said...

Hi Jeff! Thanks for the feedback and for sticking with us to the end! See you in Cambridge :)