Tuesday, September 08, 2009

DevLearn09 - I'm Speaking!

Come November, I'll be heading to San Jose for DevLearn '09.

Looking forward to the schmoozing, the DemoFest, the ID Zone, the Social Media Camp, the learning!, and -- oh yes! -- the speaking.

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to co-present two sessions this year along with some of my esteemed Kineo colleagues:

Wednesday, November 11 1:30 pm
Moodle: How It's Changing the Face of Corporate e-Learning
with Steve Lowenthal, Kineo's US CEO

Friday, November 13 10:00 am
Yawn-proof your e-Learning Without Busting the Bank
with Stephen Walsh, Kineo partner

Check out full descriptions of our sessions as well as all the other cool things that are happening at the DevLearn website.

Hope to see you there! (Did I tell you that I'm looking forward to the schmoozing part?)


Ethan said...

Hi Cammy- I'm a longtime reader and first (or second) time commenter. I'm 98% sure I'm attending and am looking forward to your talks. (And schmoozing, of course!)

Cammy Bean said...

Awesome, Ethan! I look forward to connecting with you. Be sure to get in touch right before the event so we can make sure not to miss each other.

Ethan said...

I particularly enjoyed your "organizational crush" post and story about how you got your position with Kineo. Would definitely like to talk more about networking strategies with you at the conference.

elearning guy said...
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