Friday, September 04, 2009

Back to School Reading List

Over on the Kineo website, we frequently post articles and tips on a variety of topics. Usually e-learning related, but you never know.

Last week I put up a Back to School Reading List with an ID/e-learning focus. Be interested to hear what you've got on your reading list right now. What are you hoping to read this fall in order to expand your mind and your professional capabilities?

Also check out Tip 27: Tear Down the Visual Wallpaper. (I did not write this one). Nice piece on graphics for instructional use.

I like this from the article's intro:

Graphic descriptions you may be familiar with:

· ‘Two people shaking hands’

· ‘Business person on the phone in generic office’

· ‘Image of learners, asleep in front of their computers’

Come on -- admit it. You've used those same images, haven't you?

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