Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blogger's Hut in Second Life

Scott Merrick (also check out Scott's SecondLife Blog) runs the ISTE's Blogger's Hut in Second Life. Scott's Twitter bio describes him as a "teacher, learner,...old hippy." Just the kind I like!

I hadn't heard of Blogger's Hut before I got Scott's email telling me I'd been nominated as Blog-O'-the-Month. How kind!

If you spend any time in Second Life, all November visiting avatars will have the opportunity to click on the polling object in the Hut and vote for a blog to be featured throughout the next month in the RSS feed located within the hut.

Stop by the Blogger's Hut at, to vote!

The Blog-o'-the-Month for November is Dr. Z Reflects, Leigh Zeitz's stellar offering to the educational community.

At the very least, check out these blogs, some of which are new to me.

Blogs up this month:

It's been awhile since I've stepped a virtual foot in SL (my ancient laptop does not have the right video card for SL), but I have blogged my past experiences in SL. Check out my forays into SecondLife.

SecondLife has sort of slipped off my radar these days. How about you? Is it something you're still thinking about? Has SL lost some of its traction over the last year?


Scott Merrick said...

Thanks, Cammy, and np for not having heard of the Blogger's Hut. Especially if you haven't been in SL in a while! Funny, I'm pretty active in SL, and would be moreso if my 1stL weren't so dadburned bizzy. I see it as gaining traction more than losing it. The new Educator's entry point at ISTE Island is a great new feature, geared to making the SL entry experience evermuchmore smooth, and KJ's pounding out stellar Tuesday night presentation guests like this past Tuesday's Dean Grooms to keep us thinking and relating with one another. I just love it and recommend it to anyone as an essential element in their Personal Learning Network. Come back in and look me up! (Scottmerrick Oh)

Dr. Z said...


Thank you for mentioning my blog and the Blog of the Month award that I earned at the Blogger's Hut. It is quite an honor to be recognized this way. I must admit, however, that I am just trying to share ideas and tools that I find. I hope that other educators will try them out and leave some comments about their experiences.

Leigh Zeitz (Dr. Z)